Medicali 13" Double 8 Tree Perc

$ 360.00
$ 360.00

Experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of Medicali with the 13" Double 8 Tree Perc Beaker. Equipped with a showerhead downstem, the Medicali 13" Double 8 Tree Perc ensures optimal diffusion. The 14mm Hourglass Bowl adds an extra level of sophistication and functionality. This piece stands at 13" and boasts a triple pinch in the neck. 

About the artist:

Based in sunny California, where the herb is legal, Medicali glass creates classic water pipes, bubblers, beakers, banger hangers, straight tubes for your smoking adventures. This crew understands the art of glassmaking, alternative culture, and a philosophy of compassion. Medicali Glass believes that high-end glass should not only be functional but unifying by invoking the passion between people. 

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