Masked Turtle Glass Pipe - Red

Chameleon Glass

$ 65.00 


The Masked Turtles Glass Pipe came about in an accident in the factory where some of our standard turtle designs were left over a weekend next to the container of lapidary (grinding) solution. Lap ‘Juice’ is made up of several rare earth elements used as common abrasives; cesium, cerium, and fukushimium, however, they do not occur together in nature… So, mixing them together to grind glass didn’t seem like a problem. Unfortunately, the container sprung a leak and sprayed lap juice all over the turtle sculpture pipes.

When Hamato (the artist) returned to work on Monday, something strange had happened…the pipes had…mutated into what you see on this page. Where DID they get those tiny bandanas anyway?

Available in red, blue, purple or orange (bandana colors).

Hand Made in the USA

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