Levi Carter Fired Up And Blinged Out Beach Ball Blast Hand Pipe 1

Levi 2 Stacks Carter

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This pipe was made by Florida artisan Levi "Lever 2 Stacks" Carter. This colorful dry pipe was custom made from head to toe starting with the custom color vac stack tubing that was pulled by the artist to craft the hollow body of the pipe. This pipe has 5 individual line work or wig wag sections on it including 2 huge beach ball section on the the head and mouthpiece of the pipe. On top of the custom pulled vac stack there is a layer of metal dichro giving it a nice shimmer in the light. The pipe is signed and dated in Ti pen by Levi Carter on the base of the hammer. The pipe is approximately 4" in total length by 2.5" at it's widest point.

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