Leisure Glass 44Mag Bubbler

$ 500.00
$ 500.00

Prepare to be blown away by the Leisure Glass 44 Mag Bubbler, where style meets functionality in an unparalleled way. Experience the ultimate smoking pleasure with this extraordinary piece that embodies craftsmanship, power, and a touch of artistic flair. The highlight of the 44 Mag Bubbler is its (7) reinforced 6-arm percs. These percolators work together to deliver exceptional filtration. Equipped with an 18mm female recessed joint, the 44 Mag Bubbler offers compatibility with a wide range of accessories. It comes with an 18mm male Leisure disc screen slide, a bent neck for comfortable use and a flared mouthpiece for an ergonomic smoking experience.

About the artist:

Leisure Glass is owned and operated by the well-known Southern California glassblower Luke Wilson. Luke has been blowing glass for over 19 years and produces quality Scientific Glass bongs, dab rigs, and bowls with innovative functions.

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