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King Palm (2) Pack Watermelon Wave - Slim Size

$ 3.25
$ 3.25

Join the flavor wave and try our natural watermelon roll. 

Our flavor rolls are made with terpene-infused food grade essential oils to get the flavor you need.

We offer a pre-rolled 2 Slim Pack with a watermelon taste that is both convenient and tasty.

To get the flavor you need just Squeeze and Pop whenever you want.

All our 5 Pack Flavors come shipped in our universal packaging. Please look on the back of the pouch to see what flavor and size it is.

Every pack contains:

  • 2 Handmade Real Leaf Rolls
  • 2 Pre-installed Squeezable Filter Tips
  • 1 Sturdy Bamboo Packing Stick
  • 1 Humidity Control Packet
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