JBD Oil Crisis Baker Bot

Jerome Baker

$ 225.00 


Oil Crisis, the third bot in the robot series, clearly needs oil to function at max capacity. The most functionally complex of the series, the Oil Crisis robot has an inline perc and the recycling function. Oil Crisis can never have too much oil--its oil level meter reads almost zero, and leaking and spilled oil graphic designs cover the base of the rig. The art on the corresponding box illustrates a full-blown Oil Crisis, wreaking havoc on cars to satisfy his oily needs--Robots End Rationing! 

This Oil Crisis Baker Bot comes in a custom laser-cut foam padded box with collectible matching themed graphics. Each box includes a warning disclaimer describing what these JBD Robots are all about!

Limited Edition release and Design of 1000 Per Bot

Hand Signed by Jerome Baker

10mm Male Joint

Includes 10mm Female Jointed Quartz Banger

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