JBD Honey Pot Baker Bot

Jerome Baker

$ 225.00 

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The Honey Pot Baker Bot features similar artwork to the four Bakerbots on both the rig itself and the packaging, and while it is not a robot, it does complete the collection. The JBD Honey Pot rig artwork includes signature series JBD logo, a bear holding bee hives, dripping in honey, as well as bees--some with freaky eyes!-- covering the base. This rig features a honeycomb perc, and the mouthpiece is flared and rimmed. The artwork on the corresponding box shows a brave bear not afriad to enjoy the buzz. The Honey Pot rig is a super limited item, and as of now have been discontinued. Make sure to snatch up yours before they are gone!

This Honey Pot Baker Bot comes in a custom laser-cut foam padded box with collectible matching themed graphics. Each box includes a warning disclaimer describing what these JBD Robots are all about!

Limited Edition Realease

Hand Signed by Jerome Baker

10mm Male Joint

Includes 10mm Female Jointed Quartz Banger

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