Enlighten All Humans Baker Bot

Jerome Baker

$ 225.00 


Last but not least in the series is a robot called Enlighten All Humans. The natural inline perc sits in the main abdomen of the JBD Robot, with eyes you just can't say no to and other positively enlightening graphics. The artwork on the corresponding box depicts this bots methods: enlightening a naive human by injecting his brain with some OIL! Operate this bot and let the wisdom flow as enlightenment begins.

This Englighten All Humans Baker Bot comes in a custom laser-cut foam padded box with collectible matching themed graphics. Each box includes a warning disclaimer describing what these JBD Robots are all about!

Limited Edition release and Design of 1000 Per Bot

Hand Signed by Jerome Baker

10mm Male Joint

Includes 10mm Female Jointed Quartz Banger

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