Gasp Fumed Line Work Bubbler made from custom silver and gold fumed Tubing 1

$ 700.00
$ 700.00

Gasp is back at it again being a borosilicate alchemist destroying precious metals to bring us his precious art. Gasp skillfully melts the fine silvers and pure golds into a gaseous state that is trapped within the borosilicate making the custom tubing that is then transformed into an instantly recognizable art piece by Gasp. This pipe has a fixed 3 hole pierced diffuser located below the bowl press and is angled towards the back of the can giving it more room for percolation as well as an overall better performing function. This fumey bubbly wonder stands approximately at 9.25" in height with a 3" wide base. The middle section located below the mouthpiece there is also a curved splash guard to help prevent any unwanted splash. The bottom of the base is signed by Gasp in Ti pen and the front of this bubbler water pipe has a spiraling fumed marble. 

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