Gasp 14mm Fumed Line Work Mini Tube made from custom silver and gold fumed Tubing 2

$ 700.00
$ 700.00

Fantastical fumed fundamentals featured within this 14mm mini tube by gasp are phenomenal. This mini tube is made from custom fumed tubing prepped by the precious metal pirate Gasp. Gasp skillfully melts the fine silvers and pure golds into a gaseous state that is trapped within the borosilicate making the custom tubing that is then transformed into a mini tube. This mini tube by Gasp features a 14mm female banger hanger joint which leads to a directional 3 hole pierced circ. The three pierced holes on the circ are faced towards the base of the mini tube giving it excellent diffusion as it tears through the water. This mini tube stands approximately at an amazing 6" in height with a 2.5" wide base. The bottom of the base is signed by Gasp in Ti pen and the back of this mini tube has a spiraling fumed marble that can also be used as a handle.


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