Chameleon Glass

Gargoyle UV Glow in the Dark Pipe

$ 50.00
$ 50.00

The Gargoyle Glass Pipe sits on the ledge staring blankly into the nothingness of time. Day after day perched, unmoving as life passes by…or so you thought. Wait a minute, wasn’t it closer to the relief of original sin last time? Well, who knows…it’s getting dark and it’s time to….hey! Did that thing move? Nah, just your imagination, right? It’s dusk…the light is just playing games with your eyes…sunset is mainly ultra violet light anyway you opine to yourself as you turn away. You can’t help but quickly glance over your shoulder as the Gargoyles eyes meet yours in a cold stare of recognition…it lives.

Fabricated of durable borosilicate with Ultra Violet reactive glass eyes.

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