G-Check Illuminati Mini Super Smoker Water Pipe 1

G. Check

$ 700.00 $ 1,200.00

Everyone remembers playing outside in the spring and summer splashing and blasting their friends with their favorite water pistol. Then the super soaker came along and changed the water gun game allowing for all the fun with superior performance by making a few simple changes to an existing design. This water pipe is no different by adapting a fun and familiar shape glass artist G-Check was able to create a fun as well as functional water pipe. This pipe is made using the illuminati for the first can and 14mm hand rolled female joint. This color is UV reactive and will glow brightly under black light or other UV lighting sources. The rest of the pipe is made from cadmium yellow, orange, and white which were all encased in clear to give it a little more stability as well as making it thicker. Starting from the 14mm hand rolled female joint this pipe uses a 2 hole pierced stem line. Above the stem line itself is the intake for the second chamber which utilizes a 4 hole pierced drop stem. Above the drop stem is the mouthpiece which is located at the end of the muzzle. Included with this pipe is a matching 14mm hand rolled male jointed button press 3 hole slide and a custom stand for the super smoker itself. The pipe is approximately 7.5" long, by 8.75" tall, and 3.25" at it's widest point.

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