Eric Law

Eric Law Mini Rig w/Cap

$ 400.00 $ 450.00
$ 400.00 $ 450.00you save $ 50.00

The Eric Law Mini Rig with Cap in Purple is an exquisite glass art piece that stands at a height of 6.25 inches and measures 3.25 inches in width, this mini rig is a compact and visually stunning addition to your glass collection.


About the artist:

Eric Law, hails from North Carolina. His artistry is highly regarded in the industry, and this mini rig exemplifies his skill and attention to detail. The vibrant purple color adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the piece, making it a standout among other rigs.

Included with the rig is a cap, providing a convenient and effective way to control the airflow and maximize the flavor of your concentrates. This functional addition enhances your dabbing experience.

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