EFS Gridded Doughnut Line 1

EFS Glass

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EFS glass is based out of Americas Midwest with the goal of making functional water pipes and rigs without sacrificing quality. Minnesota has been home to a few inventors who help us have fun in our everyday lives with the water skis, rollerblades, and snowmobiles but the man behind the lathe at EFS has perfected stacking Bubbles with the Gridded Doughnut, which also can whistle when drawing through without water. Instead of using a boring inline this hollow doughnut contains 12 cuts with 2 bridges on each cut for a total of 36 holes to create stacks on stacks of bubbles without the use of tiny holes that will clog up after use. This pipe is made using super heavy wall 7mm thick tubing with a 70mm main can that houses the recycling incycler and is finally topped off with a 18mm ergonomic bent mouthpiece. The pipe stands approximately 10" tall with a 5" wide 8mm thick foot and utilizes a stemless design with an 18mm female joint. This pipe was designed to be easily converted into a Rig by adding a dome less nail, 18mm male drop down adaptor, or Honey Bucket.

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