Dime Bag - 8" Pouch - Concrete

Dime Bag

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The Dime Bags Padded Pouch is the best selling in the industry. Need we say more? We don’t really think so, but we will. The 8″ Padded Pouch is a strong independent woman and she ain’t need no man. Except to do her household chores so she can have time to study by the pool with a nice book and favorite bud (take that as you wish). Boom –  RELAXATION NATION.

The 8 inch padded pouch is a whole lotta woman for a whole little money. She’s more affordable and classy than most of those “right”  swipes on tinder so do yourself a favor and get at her! You show her some lovin and occasionally wait on her hand and foot, we promise you she will be loyal to the end. Whether you need protection for your favorite fancy glass, a place to stash that emergency snack money, or a safe pouch for your accessories – we have you covered.

We also have a 5″, 7″, and 10″ Padded Pouch that can (will) suit your every need. With additional external and internal pockets, the Padded Pouch family lives on the end of that cul de sac and throws a backyard BBQ every two weeks. Providing all the free food, drinks, desserts and games you could ever want. While asking for nothing in return but your happiness and to just be your #1.

What do these padded pouches consist of? Hemp – Recycled Polyester – 3 pockets – mucho padding – rad colors – that’s it that’s all. Our padded pouches come in 18 different colors. Yes, I repeat 18 eye catching colors. It has one external main body zippered compartment with an internal zippered pocket, along with one external flap covered pocket.

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