Pax 3 Complete Kit - Silver

$ 200.00
$ 200.00

The Pax 3! The latest design and technology from Pax Labs, the smarty pants that brought you the Pax 2 Vaporizer. A true intelligent, intuitive and instant device. The first from Pax Labs that is made for both loose leaf and extract. A streamlined look with a one button interface and minimal maintenance, a magnetic USB charging dock. Backed by a 10-Year warranty, the PAX 3 has a high-polished Anodized Aluminum shell and built-to last with the highest grade parts in the industry. The same size as the PAX 2 but now with a larger battery capacity (3500mAh), and a charge time is now only 60 minutes. Let the PAX 3 elevate you to the next level.

- 1 Pax 3 Vaporizer 
- 1 ConcentrateInsert
- 1 Charging Cable + Dock
- 1 MaintenanceKit
- 1 Multi-Tool
- 2 Mouthpieces
- 2 Oven Lids (Full and Half Pack)
- 3 Replacement Screens
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