K-Penz Micro Concentrate Vaporizer Pen In Black Finish 1


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This K-Penz Micro Concentrate Vaporizer is an extremely small and compact Vape Pen that is designed to address the problems with most 2 pin pen setups as well as supply superior performance to the user. This micro concentrate Vape Pen measures in at only measures only 4" in Length and 0.75" in Diameter making this an easily concealable and perfect portable pocket pal for anyone that wants the ability to Vaporize a variety of concentrates at home or on the go! This vape utilizes a lithium ion battery to provide the user long-lasting sessions on every charge using the included Micro USB charging cable. Most users can charge their K-Pen at night and enjoy the use of their vaporizer all day long, not to mention the bonus of charging your cell phone with your Vape Pen's cable which comes in handy in a pinch. The power button has an LED light that glows whenever you push it to show that the vaporizer is in use but it also acts as an alert system to let you know the status of your unit. If you depress the power button on the vaporizer and the unit is on the LED indicator will glow and supply power to the pens atomizer. To turn the unit off and on you press the power button 5 slow and controlled times. This will cause the unit to blink 3 times which will indicate the status change from off to on. It will also rapidly blink approximately 10 times to let you know when it needs to be recharged. The removable cartridge, also known as the atomizer, features a wickless ceramic heating element which allows you to use a large amount of concentrate without flooding the cartridge and destroying your battery. The atomizer is also made entirely from ceramic and utilizes two ceramic rods instead of wicks to give you the tastiest experience possible. By using two rods instead of just one you have a larger heat source and also an added benefit of the ceramic rod it that it has a lot more heat retention in it over just a wick. To help control over heating your concentrates it features an automatic shut-off that kicks in after 15 seconds of continuous heat. There is just a 3 second wait between the shut-off and being able to repeat your vaporization process. For easy cleaning the removable mouthpiece comes apart into two pieces. The K-Penz Micro pen includes one micro usb lithium ion battery, one two-piece mouthpiece, one non-stik silicone jar, one stainless steel dabber, one USB wall charger, one Micro-USB to USB Charging cord, and one atomizer heating element.

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