Jerome Baker Designs Q-Ball Frog Old School Fumed Water Pipe 15

Jerome Baker

$ 240.00 

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Still killing it out in Maui JBD, Jerome Baker Designs, has been making water pipes, accessories, and pipes for fans of borosilicate for over a decade. When it comes to water pipes JBD keeps it old school with their classic rubber grommet setup. This pipe is ridiculous 7mm thick utilizes a 12mm rubber grommeted slide that fits into a rubber grommeted downstem that has 6 D-cuts in it for diffusion. Both the downstem and slide are thicker than most rubber grommeted pipes to make them durable and stand up to use over time. The slide, mouthpiece, and base of this pipe are all fumed with silver so they will change color as you use it. The back of the water pipe has a solid sculpted frog attachment above the bubble base, and the mouthpiece has sculpted red chili peppers. This pipe was proudly made in the USA using American made borosilicate and features the official JBD stamp of approval. This water pipe is made using 50mm diameter tubing and stands approximately 11" tall with a 5" wide beaker base.

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