Hive 14mm Ceramic Nail


$ 40.00 $ 60.00

This nail was made from HIVE's proprietary blend of ceramic to give you the most terp filled and flavorful experince possible. This nail is made to fit into a standard wall 14mm male joint and will fit in most 14mm heavy wall and hand rolled joints. This nail has a total length of 43.5mm and has a dish that is an impressive 11mm in diameter. The hollow stem of the nail allows for an optimal airflow from your pipe and is 7.5mm thick by 23mm long.
HIVE Ceramics manufactures and distributes a proprietary blend of ceramic elements for torched,electronic, and portable vaporizers. HIVE Ceramics is dedicated to bringing the vaporization community the healthiest and cleanest tasting vapor experience possible and will continue to strive to innovate for excellence while being creative with the goal of delivering the highest quality products on the market. From their first batch of prototypes which passed taste tests with flying colors and now with a reduced price point to account for possible wear and tear, we are positive that HIVE ceramic is still the next big thing in vaporizing essential oils. The taste is simply unmatched, and we know you'll agree because once after you tried ceramic your concentrate game has forever been changed.
  • Ceramic Element
  • Medical grade
  • For 14mm applications
  • For use with a dome (not included)
  • Total length 43.5mm
  • Dish diameter 11mm
  • Stem thickness 7.5mm
  • Stem length 23mm

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