Chameleon Glass

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The Big Bowl Ash Catcher Glass Pipe is named for its large, deep bowl and its Ash Catcher Mouthpiece. Normal bowl punch size for a similar color changing glass pipe is either 3/8″ or 1/2″, this heavy duty unit boasts a 5/8″ wide x 3/4″ deep bowl. After requests too numerous to list, we made 10 prototypes, all with different width and depth combinations. It was quite a bit of ‘work‘ to load all 10 with the same leaf and then use test them, but, that’s what our customers expect! Normal bowl size is probably best for 90% of our customers. Anything bigger than the big bowl specification and you start getting nothing but char flavor from your smoke. That’s where the optimal big bowl size comes from: big enough for a good circle, not soooo big that you get the flavor of ash. And, just because we can, we added an Ash Catcher to the mouthpiece to make a Big Bowl Ash Catcher Honeycomb Screen Glass Pipe. Just smoooooooth, baby!

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