Functional Flute by Egon 10mm Concentrate Rig 1

Egon Glass

$ 95.00 $ 180.00

Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by a curvature? A silhouette that just gets stuck in your mind, and you could stare at it for ages? The Flute has made many changes in it's shape since the 1700's as well as making leaps in bounds in the 19th century but Richmond's mad scientist of Borosilicate Egon has made something special for his fellow concentrate connoisseurs. Keeping it classy with concentrates has taken on a whole new meaning with this 10mm functional rig. The entire glass flute, fixed stem, and dome were all hand made, as well as hand rolled, by Egon from start to finish. It has a male 10mm fixed stem, with a couple of marias for a little bit of style, that is diffused by 3 pierced holes. This sits in the base of the flute in a mini reverse beaker can that has a maria at the top of it which acts as a natural splash guard as well as giving this glass a few more curves. The rim of the flute at the top slightly concaves back in to give you a comfortable mouthpiece to use. This Flute has a total height of 10.25" and measures 8.5" from the top of the mouthpiece to the bottom of the can. It has a 2" wide foot and a 1.5" wide mouthpiece.

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