Hilman Glass 14mm Wagged Out and Stacked Marble Madness Mini Tube 6

Hilman Glass

$ 400.00 $ 600.00

Hilman glass has been making his way around Va as well as headed up and down the east coast firing up a torch wherever he could find someone to melt with but still somehow managing to fit in time for the slopes, demos, as well as the occasional interview. We luckily have him back at home in Va now and got to scoop another awesome mini tube. This mini tube has so many sections of wagged out line work that it's hard to keep track. It features 8 sections on the neck, 3 on the dome, 4 on the beaker, and 1 on the base. It also features 6 encalmos as well as a giant matching dot stack marble on the back of the beaker. The 14mm male to 14mm male removable downstem is diffused by three D-cuts to provide maximum diffusion without losing any flavor. This mini beaker stands 7" tall with a 3" wide beaker bottom and the marble is 1.5" in diameter. Included with this mini is a hand rolled 14mm female jointed dome.

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