Dr. Green's Agent X Pre Mixed Synthetic Urine

Dr. Green

$ 45.00 


This bottle of synthetic Urine was created by Dr. Green. This package contains one 3oz bottle of Synthetic Urine, a heating pack, rubber band, and a built on temperature strip on the bottle. The temperature strip allows the user to make sure they are at the optimal temperature for use (between 90°F-100°F) for you to enjoy and have a safe fetish filled time. This synthetic urine heats up in as little as 10 seconds (by using a microwave) and can maintain the desired temperature for up to 8 Hours. This product contains Urea, Uric Acid, and Creatine for an authentic, safe, and sterile fetish fun time.

This product is only sold as a Novelty Fetish product and must be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.

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