Ceramic 14mm and 18mm Female Jointed Domeless Nail 1


$ 30.00 


This domeless nail is made out of high quality ceramic and for some concentrate connoisseurs ceramic is their material of choice for their dabbing needs. Ceramic has been used for many years in medical, electronic, and of course household applications in the kitchen but this wondrous material can now be used to give you an alternative to Titanium or Quartz. This domeless nail fits on both 14mm and 18mm male joints making it a more versatile nail fitting two of the most common sized rigs in your collection. The dish of this domeless nail sit's below the main hollow middle post. This allows the user to heat up the cup surrounding the post and using that area for your nail's contact surface. As your concentrate vaporizes from the nail's cup the smoke is drawn in through the middle post by the user. After the concentrate leaves your dabber and into the cup you would then, if available, throw your carb cap on top of it helping to ensure you vaporize all of your concentrate. This nail features 2 heat sink's under the main cup which will keep the heat away from your rig's male joint protecting your piece from unwanted heat. The nail itself is approximately 2.25" tall by .8" at it's widest point. This nail is female jointed and is made to fit 14mm and 18mm male joints.


Heating and saftey instructions for Ceramic Nails

Heat evenly by pointing the flame downward and moving in a circular motion. Once the dish is warm, keep heating in a circular motion until the desired temperature is achieved.

Do not point the flame in any particular spot for an extended period of time If you see a hot glowing spot in a concentrated area, the ceramic is experiencing high temperature variance which may result in fractures or cracks.

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