Lootin Glass Orange and Gray Sump Pump Rig 3

Lootin Glass

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Lootin Glass is one of our new favorite lampworkers hiding out in the 757. This rig design by Lootin Glass takes a few design tips from the school of hydrodynamics which allows the artist to achieve a super functional rig design with an exceptional amount of diffusion. Utilizing a 14mm hand rolled female joint, as well as switching up the classic direct inject setup a little bit with a 90° bend, this pipe is a perfect fit for a quartz banger, dropdown, e-nail, or domeless setup. Leading down from the female joint there is a fixed downstem that is diffused by 3 pierced holes which is bridged for stability to the bottom of the concave shaped can.  By giving the main can "hips", or a concave shape, it allows the percolating bubbles to move up the can sidewalls but still allow enough water to remain at the bottom of the can for the downstem to function properly. On one side of the main can there is a specially designed Splish Disc Splash Guard which is offset to the far side of the can. This splash guard design allows the roaring tide of water flowing through the pumps design to spiral around the disc shaped chamber which allows the water and smoke to separate as well as act as a natural perc. Attached to the top of the Splish Disc Splash guard is an offset mouthpiece. By adding another offset attachment it not only brings the pipe back to center but allows a secondary splash prevention method and gives the Disc optimal performance as a natural perc. This Sump Pump by Lootin Glass has sections of orange and gray crayon or cadimum colors. There are also a couple of nodes and including one opposite the Splish Disc Splash Guard. Included with this pipe is a matching 14mm male jointed push bowl slide so it's also ready to go as a bubbler.  This rig is approximately 6" tall with a can diameter of 3" at it's widest point and the rig itself is 4.25" at it's widest point. This pipe is signed and dated by the artist in Ti pen on the base of the water pipe.

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