Salt and 4.0 Glass NAN.0 Collaboration Concentrate Bubbler w/ 4.0 Logo Titanium Pad 1


$ 1,000.00 $ 1,800.00

Eric Ross and Salt decided to get together and collaborate on this monstrous little NAN.0. It sits staring out through its eye with a haunting gaze ready to reach out with its arms. This collaboration beautifully blends the two artist abilities with Salts sculpting techniques and E. Ross elegant Nan.0 series. It's also still one of the smallest rigs on the market just a little scarier. This beast stands 7" tall from base to tip of mouth piece and 5" at its widest point. It has a single shower head down stem diffuser with 6 cuts. It has a fixed curve that is topped with E. Ross milli and is bridged to the bubbler's can for support. It comes pre-wrapped with a registered 4.0 NAN.0 titanium pad and milli handle. It is signed by both artist on the bottom of the can.

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