Naked Amazing Mango Vape Juice 3mg 60ml


$ 30.00 


The Amazing Mango by Naked 100 vaping e-liquid is one of those essential flavors you'll want to keep in your collection. It has a smooth flavor that will make you swoon, and buying this e-liquid is a great way to ensure that you can make your own custom flavors. Mango is one of those flavors that can "fix" most any other overly robust flavor, and it's an essential flavor in your arsenal against the mundane and typical.

The Naked brand lives by its name. When you buy a Naked product, you know you're getting only what they say is in the bottle. This is one pure and potent mix that will quickly replace any other mango flavors in your set. It's not pure mango, but the added peach flavor helps to give this mix a luscious texture that makes it unique. Some good flavor combinations that you could add to this include apple, pineapple, coconut or a chocolate flavoring. It's a pretty versatile flavor that makes it easy to adjust to your own needs.

Mango is also great on its own, and it will bring back memories of strolling outside during warmer spring months. It's one of those flavors that is a staple for any set of flavors. The mango flavoring is mixed with peaches and cream, so you'll get that smooth smoothie taste on the go no matter where your life takes you. You'll enjoy the ability to use this liquid formulation that helps to avoid the issue of killing your coils. 

The ingredients in this mix are truly high-quality. The clean flavor is very bright, and it has a very low throat hit. The mango is definitely stronger than the peach flavor in this mix, but you'll enjoy the way the peaches help to smooth out the character of the taste. It's the perfect mix for relaxing at home or going out on the town, and you'll be able to enjoy the fact that you're able to control the level of nicotine prevalent in each puff..

If you're looking to try out a new mango e-liquid, this is one of the first options you should go for. It doesn't have that artificial, candy taste that some other e-liquids have. You'll enjoy a pure flavor profile that won't let you down. Make sure to purchase more than one bottle, so you always have an extra on hand and never run out of this sublime flavoring.

This item listing is for 1 60ml Bottle of Naked Amazing Mango E-Juice with 3mg of Nicotine

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