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Toro Excites Again!

This is the second delivery of Toro water pipes in recent weeks. Toro is definitely the the most sought after pipe brand right now and it’s easy to see why! They’re sick looking and blow the competition out of the water. Finally got some more Trashcatchers and Ice Pinch Bowls! Also  got some 13 arm/8 arm stemless tree percs, a recirculator, and a Trashcatcher/Bubbler Combo! 

2 Responses to “Toro Excites Again!”

  1. The Eman says:


    Dude thanks for recommending the Toro piece, I have redeemed myself with my brother, not to mention the Salt bowl I got him!

  2. robert says:

    iv been looking for toro products online for along time, and i finally ran across this web site and im stoked! im saving up so i can get the circ to circ. i really hopes you guys will still have one in a couple weeks! because there is nothing in the word that hits smoother than a toro, nothing even comes close. its worth every penny! iv spent alot of money on water pipes over the years and wasted my money. thats something i will never say about toro. THANK YOU GUYS AT KULTURE

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