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Sovereignty Glass – Pillar Percs, 8 Arms, Inverted 4 Arms, etc…

Finally, we got our hands on some SG for you! Sovereignty Glass is once again available for sale at Kulture! We met up with Sovereignty Glass and were able to buy some right off the shelf. SG’s pillar percs are one of the most desired pipes on the market today, so we made sure we got a handful to meet the demand. Of the ones Kulture picked up, all but one have the peyote ball perc. You can choose from a selection of clear straights at all of our locations. Kulture in Richmond also has one peyote pillar perc beaker, and one peyote pillar perc bubbler. You’ll one worked 4/8 arm pillar perc bub there. The classic 8 arm tree percs are available at all locations as well. All are fixed stem and come with 6 slit, reinforced gridded stemlines. If your looking for SG’s inverted 4 arm water pipe, head to our Midlothian location, there’s just one available! Seeing as you probably want a bit of everything else SG has to offer, Kulture has already placed an order to fill in those gaps.

16 Responses to “Sovereignty Glass – Pillar Percs, 8 Arms, Inverted 4 Arms, etc…”

  1. jayakers12 says:

    looks sick..i really want one. $700+ is out of my price range though for these beauties

  2. jonathan says:

    I was wondering where can I be able to buy one of these sovereignty glass pillar percs with 8 arm

  3. Albero says:

    I am interested in the bubbler piller set up.

  4. Dan says:

    Can I please place a custom order for one of these? I will pay premium prices because these are impossible to find in South Carolina!

  5. Houston w says:

    I want the second from the top. I live in Colorado Springs. Could you email me a price including shipping?

  6. omar says:

    why is it impossible to find sg?

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