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Mobius Stereo Matrix Fixed Stem Bubbler

Mobius Stereo Matrix Fixed Stem Bubbler.

Mobius Glassworks is now making their stereo matrix percs inside of their all new style bubbler. They have fixed stems and are diffused by dual percs. In this one’s case, by dual Matrix percs. The pipes are built on 65mm tubing and have 20mm bent necks with a 32mm mouthpiece. It is 14″ tall and sits on top of 5″ diameter foot which is 5mm thick. The stem is topped with an 18mm male joint and an 18mm female push bowl.

Available for purchase in-store or buy Mobius Glass online.

4 Responses to “Mobius Stereo Matrix Fixed Stem Bubbler”

  1. kenny says:

    yo i was going on to get the Mobius Stereo matrix full size tube and im SOOO bummed but the ONE that was instock online, at my local shop, SOLD OUT!!! if anyone has any knowledge of where to get one of how to get one from Kulture if i have to go down to RVA to the shop to get one or are they just gone for good. Ill trade glass peices, green peices, errl peices, or buy a used one… whatever . just want one dammit!

  2. Justin says:

    I have one and its unreal for errl. stacks like crazy.

    • Bloc209 says:

      Dude I feel ur pain lol just drove all over Cali from the bay to north Hollywood for the stereo matrix 65 b insane piece the tube is sick aswell dude not sure where u live but dementia has sick collection of möbius glass they r in Hollywood 1 60 b left then gone for good ask for joe tell him wax king da blakkrose sent u great guy also tube available puff puff pass sanfrancisco good luck pieces are limited edition

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